Healthy apple nachos

Healthy apple nachos layered with fresh apples, bits of chocolate, coconut flakes, and drizzled with gooey


In this recipe, sliced apples are drizzled with nut butter and topped with an assortment of flavorful toppings for a quick and easy vegan snack everyone will love.

Here is everything you need, plus ideas for variations (find the measurements in the recipe card below):

· Apples — Use your favorite apples, green or red. I love my sweet, crisp fuji apples, so that is what i used here, but tart green apples will be great too!

· Peanut butter — Use creamy or crunchy. Also, Almond Butter, sunflower butter or your favorite nut butter would be great too.

· Chocolate chips — You can opt for mini chocolate chips like I used here. Also, cacao nibs or carob chips are a healthy option.

· Shredded coconut — use unsweetened or toasted would be delicious too. Not a fan of coconut, feel free to omit it.

· Cinnamon — a dash adds a nice warm flavor and pairs well with everything!

· Lemon or lime — This is optional, but will help to keep the apples from browning.



(Note — The full printable recipe is at the bottom of this post)

· Prep the apples. Wash and dry the apples. Cut them into quarters and remove the core. Slice the quarters into thin slices, about ¼–½ inch.

· Drizzle with lemon juice. This is optional, but you can drizzle lemon or lime juice over the apple, mixing them to coat, to keep the apples from browning.

· Layer apples on a serving plate. If you can circle your apples similar to what you see above, you’ll be sure to have a little of everything on each apple slice without causing too much mess when eating. Although, I sure didn’t mind liking my fingers clean, and I’m sure you won’t mind either!

  • Top with remaining ingredients. Warm the nut butter and drizzle in a circular motion over the apple slices. Top with shredded coconut, chocolate chips, and any other topping you like. Add a dash or two of cinnamon overtop.

And that’s it, now you’re ready to enjoy this simple and wholesome snack!

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