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The divide between the digital and the real world.

Digital art installations offer new opportunities for viewers to actively participate in the artwork. Artists and designers have the opportunity to play with the “real-virtual” boundary between the viewer, or “user,” and the digital dimension. Touch, physical participation, and social interaction become essential qualities. Take a look at the mind-bending digital art that celebrates the creative possibilities afforded by new technologies.

The first thing to say is that there is the possibility that such virtual interaction between the digital and the real world will help people who experience delusions. In controlled clinical trials, virtual reality has helped people with delusions and hallucinations, indeed people with many psychoses to cope. However, the proposal of the divide between the digital and the real world will not be a controlled clinical environment, and there are suggestions that the help such virtual environments provide is simply escape from problems, and that they do not deliver a lasting solution. There is growing evidence of an association between digital use and clinical problems associated with delusions and hallucinations.

Digital and new media artists have become the center of attention. Many contemporary artists and designers see the computer as an artistic tool. New software has transformed traditional mediums like painting, drawing, and sculpture as new forms such as virtual reality, digital installations, and projection mapping gain acceptance.

Zvi Bolimovsky is hailed for his smoke photography, which combines digital photos, charcoal drawings and post-processing together into dream-like, ethereal shots.

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Artist name — Zvi Bolimovsky

Year of completion — 2022

Name — ArtsOrigin Virtual

Date it of creation — Feb 22

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